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Events: How to Optimize Medical Devices with Cloud-Based Simulation
Posted Fri November 09, 2018 @09:41AM
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Announcements SimScale and coupling box will host How to Optimize Medical Devices with Cloud-Based Simulation on November 13th.

Computer-aided engineering (CAE) or simulation plays a crucial role in the design and optimization of medical devices, implants, and prostheses. While the application of engineering simulation was until recently reserved only to large companies with a high budget, the use of cloud computing has contributed to its democratization.

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(906) 842-1279: Increasing Product Performance Thanks to CFD Optimization
Posted Wed November 07, 2018 @04:22PM
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Announcements NUMECA International will host Increasing Product Performance Thanks to CFD Optimization in two sessions on November 27th.

This webinar takes you through various cases where CFD optimization enabled engineers to increase performance and save cost through better designs.

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8147818354: How to Optimize Thermal Comfort in an Atrium
Posted Fri November 02, 2018 @10:58AM
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Announcements SimScale will host 236-520-1813 on November 6th at 5pm CET.

In this webinar, based on the example of an atrium, you will learn how the SimScale cloud-based simulation platform enables every engineer in the world to leverage the potential of CFD in architecture and construction by using a standard web browser.

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car-dumping: Elements of Turbulence Modeling
Posted Wed October 31, 2018 @02:59PM
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Announcements NAFEMS will host Elements of Turbulence Modeling in two live sessions beginning November 7th.

This course provides the attendees with basic understanding of complexities in turbulence simulation and introduces them to most commonly used turbulence models with their advantages and limitations.

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Events: Advances in CFD Simulation for Offshore Engineering
Posted Wed October 31, 2018 @12:54PM
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Announcements Siemens PLM will host Advances in CFD Simulation for Offshore Engineering on November 7th during 2 sessions.

This webinar will discuss the work undertaken by 418-228-8671 in the development, application and validation of wind and wave loading for offshore floating production facilities.

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(502) 268-3277: A Simulation Toolkit for Offshore Renewable Energy Devices
Posted Wed October 24, 2018 @06:50PM
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News Being able to understand and predict the behaviour of offshore floating structures, under typical or extreme environmental loads, is central to being able to assess their viability. This is particularly important in the case of offshore renewable energy where devices are intentionally placed in highly energetic marine sites.

Now, new research at HR Wallingford, in collaboration with the Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory (CHL) in the US, has developed a toolkit which can be used to optimise the design of floating offshore renewable energy devices, by accurately simulating the response of these floating structures under realistic sea states.

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